Competition for Faculty Positions
In accordance with the development strategy, in 2021 AlmaU joined the global network of innovative universities Cintana Education and entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Arizona State University (ASU), which sets a new standard for higher education in Kazakhstan and Central Asia and places high demands on the university professors.
What it means to be an AlmaU faculty member
to share AlmaU’s values
to meet the level of requirements of the No.1 business university in Kazakhstan
to broadcast and develop ideas of entrepreneurship
to keep up with the trends of the professional educational community
If you:
a professional educator with an academic degree and a title, a well-known scientist or a recognized expert
achieved success, speak English, publish or have a professional certification
talented educator with education as your calling, and you are ready to share knowledge and experience
Professor - 15 vacancies
Associate professor- 13 vacancies
Professor, associate professor AlmaU- 9 vacancies
Professor of Practice - 11 vacancies
Senior lecturer - 17 vacancies
Senior Language Instructor - 1 vacancies
Lecturer - 0 vacancies
Researcher- 2 vacancies
Stages and terms of competitive selection of teaching staff
from June 1, 2023
– registration and submission of profiles by candidates on the portal for participation in the Competitive selection of faculty members for the 2023-2024 academic year;
from June 15, 2023 – 1st stage of the competition
– assessment of the candidates profiles for compliance with the List of documents for participation in the competitive selection;
June 20 – June 30, 2023 - 2nd stage of the competition: assessment by the Profile Committee:
– profiles of candidates for compliance with the Qualification Requirements (academic publications, qualifications of candidates for the profile of reading disciplines, certificates of advanced training, etc.);
– educational materials (for external candidates);
– implementation of the Individual Work Plan for the 2022-2023 academic year (for internal candidates);
July 1 – July 28, 2023 - Stage 3 of the competition: interviews with members of the competition`s Primary committee:
Interview rules:
– introducing the candidate to the committee members – 1 min.
– self-presentation of the candidate to the members of the committee – 10 min.
– questions from members of the committee to the candidate – 9 min.
– exit of the contestant from the Zoom conference – 1 min.
– discussion and evaluation of the candidate by the members of the committee – 9 min.
July 31 - August 4, 2023 – preparation and provision of the necessary documentation as recorded from the 3rd stage of the competition.
Questions - answers
What documents are required in for participation in the competition?
Documents confirming the applicant's compliance with the qualification requirements; Identification card
How can I submit documents for participation in the competition?
Remotely, in electronic form, by registering on the portal
Until what date can I submit documents for participation in the competition?
Preferrably till June 30, 2023
Do I have to attend the meeting of the Competitive-contractual committee in person?
Yes, at the online meeting, the candidate gives a self-presentation (time limit - 9 minutes) and answers questions from the participants of the Competition and Contract Committee (time limit - 10 minutes)
Is it enough to just submit documents for the faculty member competition, or is it necessary to additionally contact the heads of the departments?
It is enough to submit a package of documents through and pass an interview at a meeting of the Competition and Contract Commission, all additional questions will be asked by the deans and program leaders at the interview
Why may I not be allowed to participate in the competition?
The candidate is not allowed to the competition in case of: non-compliance of the submitted documents with the Qualification requirements for the declared position; failure to submit a full package of required documents; violation of the established deadlines for the submission of documents.
Can I combine teaching at the university with another job?
Teaching at the university can be combined with administrative, scientific and other activities, subject to the restrictions of contact hours for different categories of positions
When, after a successful completion of the competition, is it necessary to sign an employment contract?
An employment contract must be concluded within 14 calendar days from the date of the decision of the Competition and Contract Commission